A Change of Plans

Aside from traveling, writing, and living in Minnesota, I also read a lot and watch much television. 

Since I've had such a difficult time with editing my Europe adventure after the fact, I thought I would rethink the blog and along with the very spaced out Europe blogs, post reviews here as well. 

I'm averaging about a book a week and watch six to ten hours of television so there should be plenty of material to draw on. 

Here's what you can expect:


1) TV reviews will probably have spoilers; books will be case by case. I will put a warning if a post contains spoilers. Promise.

2) Because my passion is for the words, the TV reviews will focus more on plot and script than acting, directing, design, or camera work but I will dive into other arenas if there is something particular I feel needs attention- good or bad.

3) I watch TV online, so this will not be the place to find the latest view of the most recent episode hours after it airs-- however I will probably get some reviews up 24 hours after release.

4) Along with currently running shows I will also review old shows. I'm currently re-watching The West Wing and HIMYM if you were curious. 

5) Occasionally I'll write about a series as a whole. Expect a post of Selfie, one of the best shows that no watched and was canceled before it's time because it was titled poorly and took a couple episodes to gain it's bearings. 

6) For books I'm going to focus on story and character development, since the next couple books on my reading list are nonfiction history books that span centuries and decades, it'll probably be a couple weeks before we get to a book. 

7) If I think the book would fit in a high school syllabus, I'll talk about that as well, since I spent too much time in high school being frustrated with reading lists and too little time in college trying to fix them. Gotta try and work some redemption into this blog somehow.


8) Apart from reading, I also listen to audiobooks, I'll make that distinction in my review. I'll also tell the quality of the reader- in my opinion of course. 

That's all I have for you today. I'm excited for these changes and I hope you will enjoy some of the media with me!

Best wishes, happy travels, & happy viewing.