Winter Wonderland: A Reflection on Minnesota after Six Months

Winter in the Twin Cities

Winter in the Twin Cities

After moving here in July, I was worried about several things including employment, housing, and winter. My housing anxiety was quickly abated-- the first place we saw we fell in love with and signed a lease. Employment followed, I work various part-time theater related positions in Minneapolis. 

Winter is cold. Even being from Chicago, I'm amazed at how cold it is. For the first time in my life I'm wearing three pairs of socks in winter boots and still freezing. 

Also, it's been difficult to make friends. I spend a lot of time reading, some time writing -although not obviously I’ve been slacking on the blog posts- and the remaining time binge-watching Netflix because how do you make friends as an adult? You don't. You go home and eat pizza while watching Jessica Jones. 

There are a lot of nights, after looking at my Facebook feed filled with posts from Chicago friends, that I really questioned why I moved here to begin with. 

Then I get the opportunity to be part of a 24-hour play festival where a piece I co-wrote the night before is performed. Then I go to my writing group where I not only receive support and validation but valuable criticism on work that I actually have a chance to get produced here. Then I go to The Playwright Center and I remember. I'm here to work. I'm here to hone my craft and I'm here so my little world centered on Chicago gets a little bigger. 

I remember when I go to dinner with my boyfriend's family that I'm here to get to know them better. I remember when I go to a new museum that I'm here to explore a new city with a different history. I remember when I water my new fern that I'm here to grow roots, to create a life somewhere new, for a little while at least. I remember every time it snows how beautiful this place I chose to try really is. I came here to make my life fuller, even though there are moments that feel emptier, it's clear to me in other moments that is not the case.  

I miss friends, family, landmarks in Chicago. I miss the public transit. Sometimes the waves of homesickness are so strong that I miss my former place of employment. And I can say with certainty now the growing pains of becoming an adult reach well into your twenties. 

I'm glad to be here, most of the time equivocally, because who doesn't miss where they've been, but for now focusing on where I'm going in this winter wonderland is often enough to settle the storm inside me. And if there was a place to miss home, this is a pretty beautiful place to do it. 

Also, I've found the best peanut butter I've ever had here, so clearly, I'm staying forever. 


Best wishes & Happy Travels!